OET Mock Exam and Crash Course

Get ready for the exam in two days, during each weekend before each real exam

Nottingham Language Academy have developed this weekend course and mock exam to help those who want an extra boost before their real exam, cannot attend classes or are not sure whether they are ready for the exam or not. Having prepared students for the exam since 2016 and being an accredited OET test centre, we can give you tips as well as teach you strategies and techniques that could gain you lots of extra points at the exam. Maybe these points will be the ones that help you score at least 350 points (previousy grade B) when you take the real exam.

This course is for those who

  • Would like that extra boost before the real exam.
  • Would like to receive some last minute tips and strategies before taking the exam.
  • Would like to try the test in real exam conditions with OET-approved invigilators.
  • Would like to take an oral exam with an approved OET interlocutor.
  • Would like to know whether they are ready for the exam.
  • Do not have enough time to enrol on a long programme but do not want to take the exam without any formal preparation.

The course includes

  • A complete written test (Listening, Reading and Writing) and a recorded oral exam (one of the two role plays) in examination conditions
  • Detailed feedback and assessment
  • Lesson: Preparation for the Oral Exam
  • Lesson: Preparation for the Writing Test
  • Questions and Answers: Focus on strategies, pitfalls, typical mistakes
  • Supervised speaking practice and speaking practice workshop
  • Regular short comfort breaks

2018 OET Crash Course/Mock Exam and OET Exam Schedule

OET Crash Course/Mock Exam Registration Deadline for the OET Crash Course/Mock Exam OET Exam Registration Deadline for the OET Exam
9 - 10 June 4 June 16 June 23 May
7 - 8 July 2 July 14 July 20 June
4 - 5 August 30 July 11 August 18 July
1 - 2 September 27 August 9 September 15 August
29 - 30 September 24 September 6 October 12 September
27 - 28 October 22 October 3 November 10 October
24 - 25 November 19 November 2 December 7 November

This course is a closed one, which means that students have to attend both days. It runs with minimum 10 and maximum 18 students. We reserve the right to cancel courses whenever the number of applicants is below 10.

Course Fees