Custom-made English courses for Groups

These courses are for companies or groups looking for a combination of language improvement and personal/professional development. You can choose between ready-made courses and customised programmes. If you have special requirements, a custom-made course can help you reach your aims faster. These courses, either solely developed by us or designed in collaboration with you, can be arranged at any time of the year and can also include social and cultural activities.

Such specialist courses are designed to focus on the needs of individuals in each profession. For instance, the following could be part of a syllabus designed to teach English for Nursing:

  • Hospital departments and staff
  • Rooms and equipment
  • The body
  • The circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems
  • Physical assessment
  • Recognising symptoms, signs and assessing pain
  • Medication and administering medication
  • Medical specimens and testing
  • Nutrition and hygiene
  • Accidents, emergencies and first aid
  • Wound care and preventing infection
  • Discharging patients
  • Communicating with other staff members
  • Communicating with patients and families
  • Trauma and triage
  • IV care
  • Preparing a patient for surgery
  • Nursing (maternity nursing, paediatric nursing, home health nursing, public health nursing, agency nursing, OB/GYN nursing, geriatric nursing, psychiatric nursing and hospice nursing)
  • Licenced practical nurse vs. registered nurse vs. nurse practitioner

We can deliver our custom-made English courses on your premises or at Nottingham Language Academy.