CPE Exam Preparation Course

The key to success when attempting an exam is 50% strategy and 50% knowledge...

Our CPE Exam Preparation Courses will cover all the parts of your chosen exam in detail, focusing on exam strategies and techniques in order to help you excel at the exam. We will also provide you with a personalised study plan constantly monitoring your strengths and weaknesses to help you succeed.

Students can join whenever they want and finish whenever they are ready to take the exam. Since it is an on-going course, exam strategies and techniques are repeatedly reviewed and reinforced so that newcomers do not miss out on vital information and tips regarding the exam. The same is true concerning the theoretical knowledge and practice of exam parts and individual papers.

Those who would like to improve their grammar and vocabulary knowledge besides their examination skills could also join our General English courses (on a flexible basis, from one day to five days a week) and so prepare for the CPE exam through two joint courses.

Course Material

Textbook (to be purchased when joining the course) and supplementary material. Textbooks cost around £30.

Enrolment Information

The minimum level requirement to join this course is C2 (Proficiency).

All those students who would like to join our CPE Examination Preparation Courses are required to do an entry test, including an Interview, Listening, Reading, Use of English and Writing. The test and the interview take approximately two hours. All this is necessary for us to determine the exact English level and knowledge of our new students as well as their aims and targets regarding the date they wish to take the exam on. Students do not need to prepare for the test since its aim is to paint a clear and realistic picture of your strengths and weaknesses, i.e. essential information for achieving your goal. With that information, students and their tutors can then start working for the exam, based on a personalised study plan.


We offer 10% discount for the booking and full payment of 10 weeks or more. For the booking and payment of 20 weeks or more, we offer 15% (does not apply to One-to-One tuition or bookings made via agents).

CPE Exam

Please note that Nottingham Language Academy is not a CPE examination centre so students cannot take the exam at the school. However, we can help you register and take the same elsewhere. If you need help with finding an examination centre, please ask for advice from your CPE teacher, Director of Studies or a member of the Student Services team.

Exam fees range between £129 and £160.

Month Paper based Computer based
May 12 Saturday
13 Sunday (Greece only)
25 Friday
June 14 Thursday -
July - 14 Saturday
November - 24 Saturday
December 01 Saturday
02 Sunday (Greece only)
06 Thursday