English for Academic Purposes

This course is designed for college and university students to provide them with additional help with their academic studies in English.

The course covers all the topics necessary for effective study to become efficient in:

  • Note-taking
  • Academic research and referencing
  • Participation in debates, discussions and seminars
  • Essay and thesis writing
  • Writing and delivering presentations and speeches
  • Using technical aids for efficient lectures and speeches
  • Market research and report writing

Enrolment Information

This course can be scheduled upon request. In case of insufficient student numbers (minimum 5), we can organise one-to-one classes for you. Please note that the minimum level requirement to join this course is B1 (Intermediate).

If you would like to improve your grammar and vocabulary knowledge besides your academic skills, you could also join our General English courses (on a flexible basis, from one day to five days a week).

Course Material

Bespoke course material is provided by the Academy.


We offer 10% discount for the booking and full payment of 10 weeks or more. For the booking and payment of 20 weeks or more, we offer 15% (does not apply to One-to-One tuition or bookings made via agents).