Tom Britton

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m originally from London, but I’m from lots of places across England really. I’ve been an English teacher for about eight years, most of which were abroad. I had a few years in Colombia, Spain and France, and now I’m back in the UK to do my Master’s degree in English language teaching. I got the CELTA qualification when I was a new teacher and now it’s time to qualify all the things I have learned since then.

The best part of teaching English is that I meet people from all around the world who have lots of stories of culture and experience.

I started working at the Nottingham Language Academy in summer 2015 and I’m still having a great time working with a friendly team and for a very diverse set of English language learners.

In my spare time, I like sport, travel, reading and Ferret Legging.

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Tom britton