Geoffrey Saunders-Carlin

Hi there! I'm Geoff, one of Nottingham Language Academy's EFL teachers. I've always had a passion for the English language, and so it came as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I've cultivated a career as an EFL teacher. It's a great feeling when I get to stand back and see a class of students working away on a topic that I have given them, or when I see that a student has understood, in one of my lessons, a grammar point that they have previously struggled with.

Aside from English, my big passion is music - writing, performing, learning and listening! I have had songs published, made television and radio appearances, and have performed before literally thousands of people. I sometimes perform in Nottingham, and see these performances as being a good way to engage with students outside of the classroom.

I love to meet new people so, again, being an EFL teacher really helps with that. Like my colleagues, I enjoy learning about the different cultures and countries of the students here.

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Geoffrey saunders carlin