Esther Miller

I was born near Oxford, but spent the early part of my life in Malaysia. Since then I have travelled to almost every continent and can't wait to see more of the world. Before coming to Nottingham, I completed my degree at the University of St Andrews - not at the same time as Prince William - before getting married and moving south of the border.

I became an English teacher because I love meeting people from all over the globe. I really enjoy classes of students from many different countries and finding out about the similarities and differences in our cultures and experiences.

I started working at NLA in 2012 after completing my CELTA course in Nottingham and have been particularly involved in the General English classes, where I aim to get to know my students well and create a positive learning experience for them, whatever their reasons for being here.

When I'm not teaching, I tend to be cooking, having a coffee in a coffee shop or having fun with my friends.

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Esther miller