Our Team


Linda walker

Linda Walker

Director, Accommodation Officer and Designated Safeguarding Person

Jon finch

Jon Finch

Director, Centre Manager and Student Services Advisor

Student Services Team

We have a great team of people who will make sure our students get all the help they need while studying with us. We are always here to help with any aspect of living and studying in Nottingham.

We can help our students to open a bank account, register with the police and G.P, register for exams and find accommodation. We can also give them travel advice, help with university applications, help with exam entries and provide council tax exemption and proof of study letters.

For a small fee, we can also provide you with a student card which will get you discounts when shopping and travelling in the city.

Laura lynam

Laura Lynam

Senior Administrator and Finance Officer

Anastasia polykandriotou

Anastasia Polykandriotou

Administrator, Student Services Advisor and First Aider

Eleanor reidy

Eleanor Reidy

Administrator, Student Services Advisor

English Language Teaching Team

Zita reszler

Zita Reszler

Director of Studies, Designated Safeguarding Person, Teacher Trainer and EFL Teacher

Paula nelson

Paula Nelson

EFL Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Sarah harrington

Sarah Harrington

EFL teacher

Anthony butler

Anthony Butler

EFL teacher

Kate brock

Kate Brock

EFL Teacher

Julie southall

Julie Southall

EFL Teacher

Jane chapman

Jane Chapman

EFL Teacher

Tom britton

Tom Britton

EFL Teacher

Kusam heaphy

Kusam Heaphy

EFL Teacher

Martin biddle

Martin Biddle

EFL Teacher

Muhammed mughal

Muhammed Mughal

EFL Teacher

Jocelyn shiu

Jocelyn Shiu

EFL Teacher

Linda northover

Linda Northover

EFL Teacher

Marina coslovi

Marina Coslovi

EFL Teacher

Esther miller

Esther Miller

EFL Teacher

Alex rubycz

Alex Rubycz

EFL Teacher

David jones

David Jones

EFL Teacher