Frequently Asked Questions

Our Academy

How do I get to the Academy? Our Academy is very close to the city centre (it takes approximately 15 minutes to walk). If you come by bus, you will only have to walk 2 minutes to reach the school from the bus stop at Canning Circus.
What time does the reception open and close? The Academy is open from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm Monday to Thursday and from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on Fridays (except bank holidays). You can contact us between these hours in person.
Can I get a student card? You will need to ask for a student card at Reception. We will then get your details and take a picture of you for the card. Cards cost £7.
What are the students’ nationalities? We have a mix of nationalities from almost all around the world.
Can I take a language exam at the Academy? Even if your exam of choice is not one of the ones you can take at the Academy (we are an approved Trinity and OET exam centre), we will still help you to find the closest and most convenient exam centre in the area.
Can I enrol on a teacher training course at the Academy?
Yes. We are an approved CELTA training centre and run three courses (two part-time courses and one full-time course) a year.
Who should I call in case of emergency? Please call us on the following number (day or night) in case of emergency - 0115 988 13 18.

Booking a course

When can I start my lessons? You can join a course any time during the year. You can start after you have completed our application form, the Academy’s level test and paid for your course. Please make sure to check with the Academy that there is availability on your start day.
Can I change my start date? Of course, but you will need to contact the Academy at least 1 week in advance if you want to start earlier or later.
How long can I study for? The minimum period is 4 weeks (excluding Summer School for Young Learners) and you may study for as long as you want (maximum 8 weeks for the Summer School for Young Learners). If you are in the UK for a shorter period of time, please contact our Academy.
Do I have to buy a coursebook? Yes, all classes require a coursebook. Books costs £30 and you can buy them from our reception. Summer School for Young Learners coursebooks cost £30.
How do I renew my enrolment after the first payment? You will need to inform the office that you wish to continue with your enrolment and pay again for minimum 4 weeks (minimum 2 weeks in case of our Summer School for Young Learners).
Can I transfer my fee to another student or to private lessons? No transfer of fees between students will be allowed. No transfer of fees from group classes to private classes will be allowed.

Your first day at Nottingham Language Academy

What happens on my first day at the Academy? We ask all the students to arrive 15 minutes earlier on their first day to finish all the arrangements and be shown around the school. You will also receive a coursebook and a welcome pack with important information about the Academy.
What do I need to bring with me for the lessons? Please bring your coursebook, a notebook, a pencil and a pen with you.

Course levels & Progress

How do I know if I joined the right level and what happens to the coursebook I bought if I need to change levels? All new students complete a level test before their start date. During their first week of study, our teachers closely monitor the performance of our new students and make recommendations on whether the student can stay in the class (s/he is at the right level), needs to move down (s/he is at a lower level than the one suggested by the placement test) or needs to move up (s/he is at a higher level than the level suggested by the placement test. If they need to change levels after their first week, they can change their coursebook (if they did not write in it and kept it clean) to the one used in their new class.
How can I change level? If you feel that the level of your class is too low or too high for you, please speak to your teacher or to the Director of Studies.
How long does it take to move to a higher level? It depends on many factors, such as start level, hours per week, motivation, dedication and one’s general language learning abilities.
What are the levels at Nottingham Language Academy and how are the levels determined? We place our students into classes based on their English language skills and needs. Our levels are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and range from A1 (Breakthrough or, as we call it, Beginner) to C2 (Mastery or, as we call it, Proficiency).
Who do I talk to if I am not happy in class? You can always talk to your teacher or to the Director of Studies.
Does my native language affect my progress? Yes. Most European languages have a similar basic grammatical structure to English. Eastern and African languages may be very different. Don’t worry if your progress seems slower than that of your classmates. They might find learning English easier at the beginning (because of the similarities between English and their first language), but you will soon catch up with them.
Can I have a Certificate when I finish my course? All students can have a Certificate of Attendance from our Academy when they finish their course. It will include your level, attendance (in percentages) and the main components of your course. Please inform the Student Services Team in advance so that they prepare your Certificate for when you leave.


Do I need a visa to study at your school? Students from European Union countries do not need a visa to study in the UK. For all other countries, please research this on the Home Office website which includes a lot of important information. Advice on visas can also be obtained from the British Embassy, the Consulate or the High Commission in your country.
What do I do if I need a visa? If you need a visa, please apply online. Once we have all the details and have received the payment of at least four weeks’ fees, we will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment letter. You can then apply for a visa. If you need accommodation, please see the section below.
What happens to my payment if I apply for a visa and my visa is refused? The visa office will give you a letter, explaining why your application was unsuccessful. Please send us a copy of your refusal letter so that we can refund your course fees except an administration fee of £100. Notification of a visa refusal must be sent to us in writing at least 7 days before the agreed course start date. If this is not received by us we cannot issue a refund. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Homestay Accommodation

Can you find Homestay accommodation for me? Yes, we can. If you need our help with finding accommodation, you will need to inform us about your request at the time of booking your course with us and arrange the payment for at least the first 4 weeks of your stay.
How do you choose the Homestay hosts? We have many experienced hosts who enjoy accommodating students. Our School Director pays regular visits to our hosts to make sure they conform to British Council requirements. Please let us know if you have any special requests so that we take them into account when looking for a host for you.
Where are the hosts located? All hosts are located within a 5-mile radius from our Academy.


What if I need to be absent or take a break from my studies? If you can’t attend a lesson or wish to take a break (i.e. days off or a holiday), you will not lose the lessons’ fees. You just need to tell us a week in advance either by emailing us or by completing the Student Update Form at Reception. We will then transfer your payment to a later date.
If I miss one lesson, can I join the class on a different day during the week instead? You can change your enrolment if necessary as long as you have told us about the changes a week before (7-day notice). We cannot guarantee availability on a different day without any notice as our class numbers cannot exceed 15 students a day.

Social activities

Do you organise social activities? There is a full social programme at the Academy. Most activities are free. We also organise day trips to other cities at the weekends from approximately £25. All our upcoming activities are announced on our Activities Board (located at the Academy) and on Facebook.
Can I go to the social activities with a friend of mine? Of course you can, all friends and family members are welcome. If you would like to bring a friend to any of the day trips organised by us, you need to buy a ticket for your friend as well.
How can I book a place for the trips? You will have to inform the Student Services Team and book a place for yourself. Make sure you book your place even when the activity you would like to participate in is free of charge.


How can I comment on the things I like/dislike at the Academy? You can always talk to your teacher, Director of Studies and any member of our Student Services team. You can also complete our anonymous feedback forms that we send out on a regular basis.


Can I enrol for less than 15 weeks? Students need to book and pay for the whole term (15 lessons). If you decide to finish earlier, you’ll need to inform your teacher and the materials making up the syllabus of the remaining lessons will be sent to you.
What if I am at the wrong level? If you feel that your course is too hard or too easy for you, you need to speak with your teacher and if agreed, you can change levels.
What do I need to bring with me for the lesson? You need to bring a notebook, a pen and a pencil. You will also be asked to purchase a textbook for your course.
How can I pay? You can pay by debit or credit card, by bank transfer or in cash. The payment for your MFL classes needs to be arranged at least one week before the course starts so that we can guarantee a place on the course for you.
Can I pay in instalments? It is required that all our students pay the full amount of their course fees before the classes commence.